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Egidio Lennon Wealth Management, LLC, is an independent, full-service, financial consulting firm. For more than 20 years, the advisors of Egidio Lennon have been providing guidance to clients in the areas of retirement, estate, investment, and tax planning.

The financial industry has evolved over time, and it takes a dedicated team to recognize all the opportunities available to investors. Mark J. Egidio has built a team of professionals who not only keep up with change, but are proactive in the coordination of plans for their clientele. He knew that with his team members' combined years of financial experience and a world of resources, investors could pursue their targeted objectives. Our team wants to help you focus on your investment return while managing your investment risk—our planning provides a strong foundation to support your financial independence.

Our goal has been to offer our clients the best of everything that the financial and insurance markets have to offer and to do so with unsurpassed service. The best way to accomplish this mission is to do so in an independent environment. This requires having no affiliation with any one investment company or product. As a result of this independence, we feel we are sending a clear message to the community of our commitment to work for the benefit of our clients and no one else.

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